Week 4

I have to say, Google wins at making hard things easy. This week’s reading, http://www.seosteve.com/pdf/Google-SEO-Tips.pdf covers the basics of being searched on the internet. It covers HOW Google actually finds your site on the web, and why it wouldn’t, which seems like really easy trouble shooting for a new web user.

Considering I compared Google to Hogwarts a few weeks back, this was, how you say, a good thing, for me to read. Crawling, indexing, and ranking results might as well be “swishing and flicking” to the layman, and with good reason, as Google manages to make billions doing it. However, not knowing how the basics work severely limits your ability to properly exploit it for your company. So…like…letting a Hippogriff know you before you ride it? This metaphor got out of hand quickly. Anyway….

Piggybacking off last week’s conversation about paying for SEO help, this reading specifically mentions that you do NOT need to pay to be an organically ranked no. 1 option. Sponsored? Yes. But it is entirely plausible to get the top result for a search without it. That said, they do offer tips for hiring a company to help you get your SEO organized, which seems strangely symbiotic of them. Google effectively invented the need for SEO, because people didn’t want to pay for ads, which is where Google makes their money.

Is Google shooting itself in the foot by helping SEO companies work the system better? Either by jeopardizing the authenticity of the results (someone rigging it so that MACdonalds pops up instead of mcdonalds?) or by losing ad revenue (admittedly, a drop in the bucket of the total amount)?

That said, I am really glad the article goes into such depth covering the ways you could be spammed on this. Having run a few forums in my day where spam comments like that were common, how would you differentiate yourself in the initial pitch to a new client?


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6 Responses to Week 4

  1. I don’t necessarily think that Google is inflicting the ol’ Cruciatus curse on itself, especially having gotten to know that the wizards at Google have their own successful Chamber of Secrets….Yep, gets away from you pretty quickly, that analogy does.

    By laying everything out there for web users of all levels, Google continues to be the go-to source not just for searches, but for everything amateur to professional webmasters need to know to optimize their web experiences. Yes, they tell everyone how to work the SEO system better, but that benefits Google in the long run. And in the short run they play the other side of the coin by offering the paid services like AdWords to help organizations optimize their search engine presence.

    And as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Google and other gatekeepers really have helped police the web for abusers like spammers. I think spammers still get through, but their attacks are short-lived…..kind of like the short-lived rise of the Death-Eaters….oh, nevermind.

    • 1. I really enjoy the Hogwarts references.

      2. You brought up something I definitely haven’t considered myself. Google definitely plays two cards by offering the free services of optimization as well as the paid services such as AdWords. I think that this has created a business around SEO and Google by forcing legitimate companies to push efforts of making sure they fall top of search to sustain their “known” stance (ex. McDonalds vs mom & pop burger joints ) and newer/smaller companies to put dollars into making themselves look more legitimate. Whichever way, everyone’s in the race to be found easier within the search and Google makes money from those that need more help.

      • That’s a good point, Kristi, I guess I hadn’t really considered that this forces pretty much every company onto the same level when it comes to their internet marketing. And yea, with the ability Google has to narrow down a search, it really is easier to find out which burger type you want.

  2. alanyskpl says:

    I love the comparisons you tie in with the readings.With such Google programs as PageRank and Googlebot, the answers to our search questions have a higher level of trust and we have a sense of loyalty to Google in using it as a search engine. So in actuality, Google is helping itself while helping others. I think it is a great way for smaller businesses to learn the ins and outs of how to better their website. These “little” companies might not be able to afford a department of people working on getting their website to the top ranking. Google gives them that opportunity that even with spending money, there are ways you can still beat out large corporations. I don’t think Google is shooting themselves in the foot because there are still services that they profit off of such as AdSense and AdWords

    • Yea, it’s certainly true that Google makes a lot of money, from a lot of sources, and no longer really relies on their ad dollars for most of their income. I guess it’s a good idea to be diverse these days. Though they really suck at social media.

  3. Emily Davis says:

    Good question about Google losing out on the ad revenue. So much of what they have (docs, blogger etc) is open source, that maybe the “honesty” of SEO is part of their company culture. The general public knows that people can’t just pay to be on top, so they will see Google as more trustworthy that way. Also, I’m pretty sure they are doing just fine without the ad revenue. In terms of giving away their secrets, they are just building a stronger web community and a stronger following. People want their stuff to be seen, and Google wants to stay on top. It is a win-win.

    Also, good job on the Hogwarts comments.

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