Week 6…my week to speak

Spoilers! This is my week for presenting. So no blog. Hah. Gotta pay attention now, suckaaaas.

—I lose points if I don’t post. Hm. Well. Appetizers for the real deal then.

So this week we’re covering Customer Relations Marketing. I have to confess, this is one of my more favorite categories. Handling consumers who are already interested in my product is easier than convincing people to like my stuff from the start. CRM is like customer service on steroids. Imagine an old timey country store, where the owner was your personal shopper, who could get you in contact with or get you whatever you wanted. This is the goal of modern, giant corporations, trying to make their large corporation interact with the little customer on a level that is appreciated and works. It takes survey information, social media data, and shopping histories to try and make the purchasing and shopping experience as painless and helpful as possible.

Think Amazon’s 1 touch system, where Amazon will offer you products based on what you posted on Amazon’s Facebook page, return information, and discounts based on what you retweet on twitter.

Is this creepy? I think it’s creepy. Creates sort of the….Wall-E level of dependance. Thoughts?

At what point would people push back based on the privacy violations?

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3 Responses to Week 6…my week to speak

  1. alanyskpl says:

    Amazon definitely coaxes me into buying more things with their “recommended products.” Its very interesting how these websites seem to read your mind based on what you want and need. Now I actually know what goes into the behind the scenes of these companies. Looking forward to your presentation!

  2. The other day I was on a news website, and in the ad box on the right Amazon was advertising six books that I have looked at on a previous visit to the site. I thought it was funny at first, then kinds creepy later.

    I think there is a fine line between creepiness/comfort in personalized marketing. It’s nice to have recommendations or marketing targeted to my interests and needs, but there is a definite creepiness factor to getting marketing tailored to a 41-year-old female high school teacher who is in grad school for online communication and is a mother, avid reader, slow runner, and has two different colored eyes. Then again, I just posted that and sent very specific information onto the web where it will be captured, saved, and used in the future. Ugh, creepy.

  3. naseemspeaks says:

    I think the most interesting thing that Amazon does is track everything you do on its site and then use it to generate tailored email blasts. Let’s say one week I’m looking at Nike sneakers on their site, I will within a few days receive an Amazon email that features the sneakers and sportswear. It’s pretty incredible that they are mining this information, storing it, and then sending very directed and specific marketing emails to potential clients. I wonder how many conversions they receive from this system. Of course, like my peers have mentioned, this is only one of several marketing tactics to get people to buy from the site. I have to say it’s quite brilliant, probably very cheap, and likely successful.

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