Week 8

Gah. My internet bumped and I lost my entire post. This is unfortunate.

QR codes! Sigh. I don’t like QR codes. I had this long, eloquent explanation as to why, but summed up below:

1. clunky, and takes up space in a design/poster

2. not universally well known

3. unusable by people without smart phones

4. unusable by people with smart phones who don’t know what to do

Effectively, I feel that this form of “offline hyperlink,” as the reading called it, takes up space on a poster that is completely unusable by parts of the audience targeted.

In the era where I can easily just ask siri to take me to a webpage. or use my upcoming google glasses to just immediately identify the information needed, I don’t see the purpose, I guess. It seems like the HD DVD, when BluRay comes out a week later, a technology left in time.

The second reading, here, goes into more detail on how the cell phone is changing the way we look at the world and at marketing, specifically related to healthcare. I read an article on Wired a while ago about how there’s an X play contest to make a “tricorder,” the Star Trek device that can diagnose without anything invasive, and is the size of a cell phone.

I think that the way we do marketing will sooner look like Minority Report or I, Robot, instead of Mad Men.


Do you think that you could trust a doctor who came in and just took a picture of you with a smart phone to diagnose?

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6 Responses to Week 8

  1. alanyskpl says:

    HAHA! You’re question at the was very amusing. This actually happened to me when I went with my mom to see a dentist. They wanted to do a before and after picture of her teeth and the guy actually did bring out an iPhone to take the picture. He said its amazing what great quality these phones had! I was astonished because you can’t even see the inside of her mouth cause you obviously can’t shove the phone into my mom’s mouth…And you stated a different argument for QR codes that I hadn’t thought of. It is very true the audience you would be able to reach with QR code is very specific and rather small. I think in the future it could be developed better though, with each generation growing more towards smartphones.

  2. If QR codes were more attractive, would you use them? (I think they are ugly, and am turned off by them.) If there was a cute little cartoon animal at the bottom of a poster that you could scan, would you be more likely to do that?

  3. Naseem F says:

    Some QR codes do have design elements–but I don’t know that they really change it that drastically. It’s still going to be a box with squiggly lines. I actually, like QR codes although I don’t use them much. This is because I don’t know whether my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) supports it and more importantly, here in Lebanon, I’m not seeing QR codes much. However, like I mentioned in class, I was at a Gap in Florida last year and my sister’s Blackberry was able to scan the QR code in the fitting room and I received a discount on my purchase. If QR codes make my life easier or if I can save a few bucks, I’m alright with the ugly box 🙂

  4. Emily Davis says:

    I’ve really used QR codes personally, but it seems to stem from laziness. Why would I scan something when I can just type it into google directly?

    And no, I don’t think I’d feel so hot about a doctor taking pictures of me to diagnose. Not exactly trustworthy there. Although, like Linda, my dentist did take pictures of my teeth to track any changes. That I am okay with, even if it did make for some reaaally awkward photos of me.

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